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Top 10 Indie Bands 2008

Who were the top 10 indie bands in 2008? It was an excellent year for indie music in 2008, as warranted by how some of the year's top bands are still considered for any shortlist of best independent artists today. Both familiar names and relative obscure artists made incredible music during 2008. Death Cab for Cutie. Still riding the success of their 2005 Atlantic album, "Pla …


5 iPod Classic Tips & Tricks

Here are 5 iPod Classic tips & tricks. The iPod Classic is still used by many people as their primary mode of listening to music on the go. If you're interested in getting the most out of your iPod Classic experience, read some of these tips and tricks. Increase battery life. If you're concerned about how long your iPod's battery lasts, there are two main factors that you c …


5 Easy Feta Cheese Recipes

Feta cheese is a delicious way to add a lot of flavor to a dish, especially with these 5 Easy Feta Cheese Recipes. While feta cheese is normally associated with Greek food, feta cheese (available in b …

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