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Everything Happens For A Reason Quotes

The familiar saying, everything happens for a reason, is a coping mechanism when unexplainable or painful events occur. But, until the reason is understood, the lesson behind the event cannot be learned.  The thinking, reasoning human being wants to know whatever happens in life is not by chance, including the following individuals. “I believe that everything happens for a reaso …


Funny Marriage Quotes

Funny marriage quotes are one of the best prescriptions for a happy marriage, and if mentally consumed on a daily basis you will laugh your way to a successful marriage. Read on, and take your dose of funny marriage quotes.  “In Hollywood a marriage is a success if it outlasts milk.” Rita Rudner. Now, what Hollywood couple could Rita have in mind?  Maybe, the two day …


Famous Dead People

Famous dead people have left the world a record of uncommon exploits, history changing inventions, inspiring and heroic acts, and discoveries that leave us awestruck. George Bernard Shaw said, “ …

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