Spermicide Contraception

Spermicide Contraception is one of the commonly used methods of contraception. Spermicides are easy to use and cost effective. However, they do not prevent against STDs and are not 100% reliable. Spermicidal contraception has been around for thousands of years. Therefore, they are the oldest method of contraception. Spermicides are now available as cream, jelly, foam, suppositories, sponge and …


5 Easy Navaratri Recipes

You and your family have been fasting during Navratri for years now and you always hit a dead end when planning to cook 5 Easy Navratri recipes? If yes, then we have solution for you.After all, Navratri is a time to celebrate and the lady of the house, who is usually responsible for cooking the sacred meal in a Hindu household, should relax and enjoy the meal. Spicy Potatoes Potatoes are t …


Tantric Massage Therapy Guide

You don’t have to master a tantric massage therapy guide to be able to enjoy a tantric massage. Just read along and learn what tantric massage is and how to do one. Tantra is an enigmatic underc …

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