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10 Most Famous Businessmen In Europe

Ten of the most famous businessmen in Europe present a wide variety in the businesses that they created. This shows that there is no limit to what an imagination, extremely hard work, and excellent marketing can accomplish in order to be extremely successful, often for generations of the same family.  Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, born December 27, 1947, was the CEO and President …


Famous People From Florida

There are many famous people from Florida in numerous categories.  However, this article features famous movie and television actors and actresses who were born in Florida or were raised in the Sunshine State. Johnny Depp:  Although born in Kentucky on June 9, 1963, John Christopher Depp II moved with  his family more than 20 times and finally settled in Miramar, Florid …


10 Good Goodbye Songs Of The 90’s

Here are 10 good goodbye songs of the 90's. Many of these are still heard and sung today. Most of the singers are still performing today to audiences who appreciate their talent even after all the …

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