Jackie Ganiy


5 Cheap Easy Appetizers For Thanksgiving

Five cheap, easy appetizers for Thanksgiving can save your gusts from getting too hungry while waiting for dinner. The last thing you need is overly complicated appetizers that shave time off  dinner preparation. Simple food is the best so let's look at five cheap easy Thanksgiving appetizers. Stuffed mushrooms Ingredients: Two cups seasoned bread crumbs. One cup Pa …


5 Ways To Spice Up A Relationship

There are more then five ways to spice up a relationship, but five will get things rolling! A lot depends on how long the relationship has been developing and how extensive the lull in excitement has become. There are some simple tips that everyone can use to help add a little spice to their relationships. Go on a date. Sounds simple but if you haven't actually made the effort to treat …


10 Best Mysterious Movies

It is challenging when choosing the ten best mysterious movies, but there are films that have already stood the test of time and a few that have the potential for doing so. Let's look at …

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