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Filipino Street Food

Experiencing Filipino street food is one of the best ways to take in the local culture, especially if you are a traveling foodie. While Filipino street food can hardly be considered fine cuisine, it's indicative of a culture that knows how to enjoy what its got. Filipino street food varies from region to region; with the Philippines spanning across 7,000 islands. Different regions specialize i …


How to Make a Travel Brochure

So you want to know how to make a travel brochure? Basic page layout skill is a plus, as is knowledge of a layout program such as Adobe InDesign. All of these things are a skill that can be taught and you'll be making a travel brochure in no time. To make a travel brochure, you will need: Computer Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word Photos Copy (for the content) …


How To Get Strong Fingers For Kung Fu

So you want to learn how to get strong fingers for kung fu? Getting stronger fingers will take some diligence and a little pain. With kung fu, be prepared to bear the pain, which is only a state of mi …

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