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How To Make Slow Cooker Chicken And Rice

Here you will learn a simple, but delicious recipe for how to make slow cooker chicken and rice inside of a slow cooker. Once you have gotten all the ingredients, and prepared your chicken and rice, your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised at how good of a cook you really are. You will need: slow cooker 3 lbs. of bone in, chicken thighs 3 cups of rice 4 …


10 Hot Phone Sex Phrases

If you are having difficulty thinking of what to say during phone sex, try these ten hot phone sex phrases. These hot phone sex phrases are almost guaranteed to bring your woman to a pure meltdown.  Start out simple. "Describe to me what you are wearing from your neck down." Say this in a soft, yet stern voice. Do not go any further until she answers the question.  …


10 Male Phone Sex Tips

If you're trying to perfect your phone sex experience, these 10 male phone sex tips will definitely help you out. Even if you think your good at phone sex, you can always be better at it. This art …

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