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How To Find Investors For A Bar

Here are some ideas on how to find investors for a bar. The business of owning and operating a bar can be tricky. While many bars are well positioned to make money on a daily basis, the concerns over lawsuits are common for bar investors. Before approaching a possible investor about a bar, be certain to have covered the areas of liability, insurance, zoning, and licenses. As with any other sales p …


5 Best Investments For Deflation

Here are the five best investments for deflation. A simplistic definition of deflation is that deflation causes the buying power of money to increase. This means that deflation will cause prices to fall. While this seems like a good thing there can be multiple reasons for prices to fall and many are not good. One cause of deflation is when there is a lack of money due to a drastic economic downtur …


How To Invest Money At A Young Age

Here are some easy to follow tips for how to invest money at a young age. Investing at a young age is one of the best things that any person can do, as well as one of the best things that a person can …

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