Jennifer Nicole Lee

Bestselling author Jennifer Nicole Lee is an international weight-loss success story, as she transformed herself from a fat and frumpy housewife into a super fitness model and mogul. A confessed sexy nerd, she calls herself “Steve Jobs in a Bikini,” loves her iPad and runs several dotcoms. The devoted wife and mother is a sought-after exercise guru who has appeared on more than 30 magazine covers. For more info, please visit one of her many websites,


Jennifer Nicole Lee Cooks For Two

By Jennifer Nicole Lee Attention, Made Men. Grab your girl, get in the kitchen and let me help you get your grub on—the hot, healthy way! And no, I am not going to bore you with the typical tasteless health food that seems like it’s been sprayed with cleaning agent off a sanitized hospital floor. I’m proud to be a foodie, as I adore smelly cheeses, red wine and exotic seasonings and spices! …


Killer Workouts For Any Body

Last month we introduced our hot new fitness expert, Jennifer Nicole Lee, who supplied some hard and fast tips for stepping on the road toward a better physique. Now we’re digging a little deeper. Every body is different, which is why different types of regimens work for different types of people. More details below the sweet photo. March 2011: Your Goals, Your Workouts Hello Made Man fitn …


Get Fit With Jennifer Nicole Lee!

The other day, we were thinking about what motivates guys to get in killer shape. Sure, Army Rangers and firefighters work out because their lives depend on it. And pro athletes hit the gym because th …