Jessica Hatter


How To Make False Teeth

Making false teeth is a challenging process to do, but when finished, can look as good or as silly as the maker wants them to look. When making false teeth, the maker of the teeth needs to be very careful as the teeth become very fragile while being made and they will need to fit perfectly otherwise they could harm the person who will be wearing them. For those who are making false teeth for the f …


How To Activate Child Safety Locks On Mercedes Benz C230

The Mercedes Benz C230 model is a sporty car, so many people do not know how to activate the child safety locks on it. Having child safety locks on a vehicle is the best for a parent with a young child (or children). Many children love to push every button they can get their hands (or feet) on, which could result in an accidental door opening. Activating the child safety locks on a Mercedes Benz C …


Nokia 6101: How To Vibrate

Setting a Nokia 6101 to vibrate can be a complicated task when one is unsure of the phone itself.  If anyone knows someone with this model, they will know that setting it to vibrate can be a real …

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