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5 Best Kids’ Hockey Drills

If you coach younger players (ten and under) you want to have the 5 best kids’ hockey drills available so they will enjoy their drill times. After all, the goal of playing hockey at any age, but especially at a young one, is to have fun, and this should include all parts of the experience. Jumps: Have your kids line up in several lines with plenty of room for them to move backward an …


5 Best Inline Hockey Drills

Ball hockey is often played on inline skates, so you need to know the 5 best inline hockey drills for this sport. You are probable already aware that inline skating itself is a whole different experience from ice skating or four-wheel roller skating, and you want your drills to reflect this. Dribbling drills: Playing ball hockey means that you dribble the ball at times, while you ar …


10 Most Famous Black Actresses

Today, the most famous black actresses are commanding leading roles in all types of films. Not only can they act, but they are beautiful as well. Halle Berry. She was born in 1966 and won …

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