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How To Walk Like A Man

If you know how to walk like a man, you can fit right in and be one of the guys. A masculine walk yells, "Macho!" to everyone you meet. Men and women walk very differently from each other. Close observation of how men walk has yielded these tips on how to walk like a man. Walk with your feet at least one foot apart or shoulder-width apart. Make your stride about as long as you ca …


How To Wash Thrift Store Clothes

Learn how to wash thrift store clothes so they are fresh and ready to make a positive fashion statement. There are different methods you may need to use on your thrift store garments, depending on the care instructions on each garment. Bright, clean thrift store clothes provide unique accents to your look. To wash thrift store clothing, you will need: Laundry detergent Stain trea …


How To Clean Field Hockey Balls

Knowing how to clean field hockey balls is a good skill for players to have. Solid plastic field hockey balls get knocked across grass, dirt, and mud. They get super dirty, and sometimes the stuff on …

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