Joe Gibson

Joe Gibson is a freelance writer from Central Florida living in Austin, TX. He's a contributor to Screen Junkies, Break Studios, Made Man and This or That, among others. He hasn't appeared in print yet, but just wait, he says it'll happen eventually. He can be contacted at


Great Moments in Poor Taste

Yes, our country’s a little short on jobs, math skills and legitimate baseball all-stars these days. But take heart, America! We still lead the planet in bad taste. We didn’t have to go back too many years to find a treasure trove of magnificent examples from sports, entertainment and politics. (And booze! Witness Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s Larry Light.) Here are our top five from the past five years… …


Lessons in Manhood from Walter White

In honor of the DVD release of Breaking Bad Season 3 (check out Action Unleashed for more info), here’s the best advice we’ve learned from this American hero, who processes and distributes drugs to support his family while suffering from cancer. Take Bad News in Stride When Walter White (as played by Bryan Cranston) learns that he has terminal cancer, what does he do? Does he sit in his room a …