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Phil Jackson Quotes

Sprinkled with a mix of sarcasm and philosophy, the best Phil Jackson quotes give insights to the mind of an NBA coach who won more NBA championships than any other coach in the league's history. Jackson coached the Chicago Bulls to six championships during their heyday in the 1990s and formed another dynasty with the Los Angeles Lakers when he brought that franchise five more titles a decade …


Most Powerful Handguns

If you are going to act out your "Dirty Harry" fantasies, it is probably good to know which are the most powerful handguns in the world. How can you make like a rouge cop and hunt down the bad guys in the alleys, at the docks or in the local cafe on the street corner if you are carrying a handgun about as powerful as a glorified water pistol? This guide to some of the world's most po …


Longest Baseball Games Ever Played

One common trait links the longest baseball games ever played. These games were long enough to be split into two or three separate games. A 7th inning stretch would not suffice in these barn burners. …

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