John Kearns


380 Handguns

The 380 handguns are even more impressive compared to 32 S&W Long, and uses the 38 Special regular ammo. The 32 S&W Long was initially a favorite police gun for more than 40 yrs. The 380 handguns are generally a satisfying gun for ladies and those fresh to the pursuit. The Accu-Tek AT-380 is extremely precise and reliable. These extremely small guns are 100% US crafted and are prot …


Force Factor Scam

There are many complaints of a Force Factor scam over the Internet. The majority of these complaints are because of a $74.98 charge to the purchaser's credit card for their 'Free Trail'. However, after a careful reading of the companies terms and conditions, it is not a Force Factor scam. Continue to read on to learn the facts of Force Factor's 'Free Trail' offer. …


How To Use Longboard Grip Tape

You purchased the long board of your dreams and now you want to know how to use longboard grip tape. To stay on your longboard, grip tape is placed on the top of the skateboard. The grip tape has …

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