10 Cool French Songs Of The 90’s

Get into an international groove with these 10 cool French songs of the 90’s. It was a generation of French hip-hop, rap, and pop. With such a wide variety of styles, there will surely be a hit that will have your head bobbing and your feet moving.  “Parisien du Nord.” Unique for its blend of Algerian and French lyrics, this song by Cheb Mami and rapper K-Mel became …


How To Hit A Triple Counter In Tennis

The idea of a “triple counter” was made famous by a popular manga turned anime series entitled “The Prince of Tennis,” and now you too can learn how to hit a triple counter in tennis. Fuji Syuusuke devised the terminology when he used three amazing tennis moves to counter his opponent. The classic moves are described below so get your tennis shoes on and start practicing!&n …


How To Make Olympic Curl Bars

You’re in for an intense workout when you learn how to make Olympic curl bars. These barbells are perfect for bodybuilders keen to step it up a notch. Before you know it, your upper arms will be …

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