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How To Get Skater Legs

Skating enthusiasts, aspiring skaters or even skating observer may wonder how to get skater legs. Skating hours on end helps skaters build incredible legs. However, the skaters with the best legs know skating alone will not earn muscular legs built for mastering impressive skateboard tricks and landing them safely. Practice Skating Frequently. Skaters do not get awesome legs from just stan …


How To Find What Year My Schwinn BMX Bike Is

"How to find what year my Schwinn BMX bike is?" is a question many Shcwinn BMX bike owners ask. Knowing the year of your Schwinn BMX bike can help in the case of restoring an old Schwinn BMX bike or finding replacement parts. There are a few methods Schwinn BMX bike owners may use in order to identify the year their bike was manufactured.   Locate the Serial Number. The ea …

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