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Calculate Bowling Handicap

Learning to calculate bowling handicaps can be helpful for anyone interested in joining a bowling league. Often, bowlers in a league have varying levels of proficiency in the game. A bowling handicap is a point value, determined based on the skill of each individual player, which is then added to their score to help level the playing field. Leagues calculate bowling handicaps for each player at th …


10 Novelty Gift Ideas

These 10 novelty gift ideas can come in handy for any gift giving occasion, but they're especially great for the holidays. Many workplaces and holiday parties have started having "white elephant" gift exchanges (also know as Dirty Santa or Grinch exchanges) instead of the traditional "Secret Santa." For these exchanges, often the fun factor is more important than the qualit …


What To Eat After Food Poisoning

Knowing what to eat after food poisoning can help you get back up on your feet more quickly. Of course, we all know the symptoms of food poisoning. When something toxic hits your system, you body will …

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5 Best Ways To Eat Avocado

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