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Build Your Own Wind Turbine

If you want to learn how to build your own wind turbine, you will be taking your first step in trying to save our planet. For this to work for you, you have to have a wind speed of seven and ten miles per hour most of the time. If you do not have a breeze most of the time, you may want to look at getting (or making) solar panels. Items Needed: Blueprints Tools Work area …


Substitute For Baking Soda

There are a couple of things you can substitute for baking soda. The importance of baking soda is its leavening quality. In other words, it is what makes a cake rise. The question becomes what do you want the baking soda to do? Items needed: Baking powder Baking soda Beer Eggs Applesauce Yeast Depending on how much rise you need for your recipe, …


Building Your Own Horse Shed

Building your own horse shed can be an easy and quick project that you can complete in one weekend. This is a fairly inexpensive alternative of leaving your horse out in the weather. It is best i …

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