Kim Denise Walton


How To Become A Tour Guide

Wondering how to become a tour guide? Are you energetic? Do you love to travel? Will people follow you anywhere? Are you the person everyone calls when they need suggestions about where to go? If so, you possibly tour guide material. Can you imagine being paid to go traipsing around the streets of the city doing tours? If you can, read on. There's more you need to know about becoming a to …


How To Become A Greeting Card Writer

Learn about how to become a greeting card writer. It is perhaps easier than you think. There is no formal education necessary, you don’t have to be a graphic artist, or have a degree in English, your creativity will open the industry's door for you. Think about it, some greeting cards don’t even have words, just pictures! You can literally let your imagination run wild during …


Cary Grant: Style

It is unexplainable unmistakable, you can see it a mile away, and it makes women weak at the knees—Cary Grant's style. Some call it that “thing”, and women of the French persuasi …

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