L. Rogers


5 Language Clues That A Woman Is A Lesbian

If you're wondering why that girl is not buying your pickup lines, learn the 5 language clues that a woman is a lesbian. It can probably be frustrating when you are using your ultimate pick up lines to impress a young lady, but she is not budging. Could it be possible that she is not in to you, or any man for that matter?  Do not take it personal, it might not be your pick up line, it may …


How To Seduce Your Girlfriend Over The Phone

Keeping your relationship hot is important, that is why you should know how to seduce your girlfriend over the phone. You want to keep her engaged when you are talking on the phone; this will seduce her. Nothing is worse than trying to be romantic  when seducing your girlfriend only to find her more interested in her program on television. Seducing your girlfriend properly over the phone will …

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