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How To Wind A Cartier Watch

If you have the great fortune of owning high-end jewelry, you may need to know how to wind a Cartier watch. Watches from the luxury French jeweler Cartier are very elegant and stylish, but it is very important to wind them to keep them functioning properly in addition to looking great. Winding a Cartier watch causes the internal spring to tighten, and its slow natural release is what spurs the wat …


How To Remove A 2nd Generation iPod Touch Backplate

There are many reasons why it may be useful to know how to remove a 2nd generation iPod Touch backplate. Perhaps you want to replace the stock backplate with a custom backplate that shows off your personality. Or, maybe you are attempting to repair your iPod Touch. No matter the reason, it is fairly easy to remove a 2nd Generation iPod Touch backplate without causing any damage to the device itsel …


How To Make An Irish Cactus Cocktail

If you are looking for a St. Patrick's Day drink that is a little more exciting than the usual green beer, learn how to make an Irish cactus cocktail. This drink features the unlikely combination …

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