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How To Make A Lynchburg Lemonade Cocktail

Rather than buy the pre-made drinks, why not learn how to make a Lynchburg lemonade cocktail at home? The drink couldn't be easier, and really goes a long way in refreshing the taste of your guests at a pool party or barbecue. The recipe can be expanded to make more drinks if necessary, or cut by half for just a few guests. Things You'll Need: Sugar Water Pan …


10 Celebrities That Play Video Games

When your partner or friends have made you feel like a loser for being on the console or PC all night, remind them of these 10 celebrities that play video games. Some of the people that made our list are accomplished actors, comedians and musicians that your friends idolize. Remind them that you're just as cool as these celebrities. 50 Cent. He's a prolific rapper and a fan of vide …


How Much Television Do Americans Watch?

When you have been sitting in front of the tube for a couple of hours, you may wonder how much televisions do Americans watch? Of course you're wondering if you're in the high or low end of th …

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