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Best Jim Caviezel Movies

Jim Caviezel may not be the biggest name in Hollywood but narrowing down the 5 best Jim Caviezel movies is a pretty difficult task. Jim Caviezel began acting in 1991 but didn’t receive his first big breakout role until 1998 when he scored a part in Terrence Malick’s, “The Thin Red Line.” Ever since that role, Caviezel has been a mainstay in Hollywood and has put togeth …


5 Best MP3 Player Speakers

There are so many new gadgets and electronics released each month that it is difficult deciding what the best MP3 player speakers are.  There are many factors to consider when choosing the best MP3 player speakers such as price, quality, compatibility and other factors.   BoomTube H201.  The BoomTube H201 is made by Think Outside and can be bought for around $200.  The …


10 Best Mexican Boxers

Choosing the 10 best Mexican boxers is difficult because there have been so many talented Mexican boxers.  Mexico has been one of the best producers of boxing talent, especially in the lightweigh …

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