Lindsay Mack


Photoshop Cs3 Tutorial

Want a Photoshop Cs3 tutorial that’s easier than watching Michael Jordan try to act? You got it! We’re going to look at how to append color to line art, which will include coloring the actual lines. This particular Photoshop tutorial is rather straightforward and can be done in most versions of Photoshop, and not just Cs3. So, before we begin, get your image that you want to digitally …


Weird Piercings

If you think you’re being a renegade by getting a bar through your cartilage, you ought to take a gander at some indisputably weird piercings. Here’s a tidbit of piercing logic: If there’s flesh, it can be pierced. Period. And boy, do people ever find odd and painful places to punch needles and jewelry into. We’ll take a look at some body modifications that will make even the most pierced individu …

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