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Stress Relief Games

If the combination of work, family and other responsibilities is causing you stress, try these stress relief games to help reduce the amount of stress in your life. There are many different ways of reducing stress, but stress relief games can make reducing stress more fun. Just make sure you don't get too competitive or addicted to the games or you will just add another element of stress to yo …


Olympic Rings Meaning

We are all used to seeing the Olympic flag with the rings interlocking, but what many people don't know is what the meaning behind those iconic rings is. They were designed by Pierre Coubertin, who is also responsible for starting the modern version of the Olympic games. His original goal was to incorporate more physical education in schools for the kids. It is amazing how far the games have c …


Insanity Workout Routine

The Insanity workout routine is just as the name describes. The workouts are completely insane and push the limits of even those who are already in great shape. This Insanity workout is designed to be …

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