How To Get Into Graduate Acting School

Thinking about doing a masters degree in acting but wondering how to get into graduate acting school? Since acting is practical and not theory based you will have to do an audition. If you already have a drama degree or worked in theater you probably already have some idea about what goes on in auditions. Either way, auditioning for acting school can be a nerve-wracking experience. Re …


How To Build A Kayak Dolly

If you're an avid paddler tired of struggling to get your kayak to the water, you may be wondering how to build a kayak dolly. You can build a kayak dolly fairly cheaply, using materials you can easily purchase at your local hardware store. The only part of the dolly that you may wish to shop around for is the wheels, so that you get the right wheels for the type of terrain you'll be trave …


How To Go Kayaking With Toddlers

If you are a parent that enjoys paddling, you may be wondering how to go kayaking with toddlers. The important thing to remember when kayaking with toddlers is that you must properly dress them for th …

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