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10 Best Male Soul Singers

The ten best male soul singers can be described in many ways. Some singers like Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye had that satin sound, while James Brown added a dash of funk to his soul, Michael Jackson's soul lead with the pop influence, and Stevie Wonder could mix different flavors into his soul and serve you a beautiful medley. These are ten of the most influential and lasting singers in the soul …


10 Best Sad Love Rock Ballads Lyrics

The ten best sad love rock ballad lyrics were a tough bunch to rank. At one time, when a rock group would release an album, they would add a ballad to the mix and it would become a major hit. Here's few of the best ballads sung by great performers. “'Cause nothin' lasts forever and we both know hearts can change”. "November Rain." Guns N Roses. This …


5 Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Choosing five apartment interior design ideas can lead to questions regarding the size of the apartment and how much room you actually have to utilize for your visions. The following ideas can be used …

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