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10 Best Party Dance Songs

Which 10 best party dance songs are played the most? From receptions to home parties, you can count on these dance songs to be played to liven up the crowd. Djs and bands alike make sure these party dance songs are on all their playlists. "YMCA" by the Village People. Every party and night club you attend will play "YMCA" due to its overwhelming success. Seems anyone ca …


How To Cope With Involuntary Celibacy

Are you wondering how to cope with involuntary celibacy? As humans we all desire another person to have intimate time with. Being in between relationships can be an emotionally draining experience, though this time alone can be used to help us to see what we really desire and do not desire in our next partner. Join a club. Whether you enjoy gardening, shooting pool or social events, local …


What To Wear With Navy Cardigan Sweaters

Are you wondering what to wear with navy cardigan sweaters? With cooler weather setting in, sweaters are being pulled out of the backs of closets across the nation. There are a few types of cardigans …

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