Mack Collins


How To Start PS3 In Safe Mode

If you are having problems with your Playstation 3 gaming console, now is the time to learn how to start your PS3 in "Safe Mode."  "Safe Mode" is a hidden feature in the PS3 console that is used to help diagnose and eliminate issues affecting the gaming console’s operation.  Safe Mode is not recommended unless the system is no longer able to start up normally, a …


How To Make A Kayak Hoist

If you don’t want to begin and end your kayaking trip on a heavy note, you may want to consider learning how to make a kayak hoist. This homemade system can put an end to the heavy lifting that’s required when loading and unloading a kayak from the roof of your vehicle. This system is meant to be used with a garage or carport that can accommodate both your car and the kayak, as the har …

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