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How To Recycle A Fiberglass Boat

Do you know how to recycle a fiberglass boat? It's a common question, with an elusive answer. There are several reasons why, the main one being that recycling fiberglass is extremely difficult, and not often done. But if you have a fiberglass boat that's definitely outlived its usefulness, though, you can still recycle it—or give it to somebody else who wants to. You will need: …


History Of American Kickboxing

The history of American kickboxing is very interesting and is a composite of many international flavors. Kickboxing is a contact sport based upon defeating your opponent using kicks and punches. Contrary to popular belief, it does not only allow strikes to be dealt with the feet—the hands are used as well. Kickboxing athletes wear footpads and gloves for protection. American kickboxing …


How To Build Model Planes

If you want to impress people with your skills, learn how to build model planes! This article will tell out how to make the balsa wood frame; covering the outside with tissue paper or monokote is a tu …

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