Meredith Hoffa

Meredith Hoffa lives in Los Angeles. Having started her career in television at PBS' NewsHour, she now writes for various print and online outlets. Recent publications include The New York Times, Maxim and the anthology "Rejected" (2009, Villard/Random House). She is a graduate of Wesleyan University.


10 Things That Repel Women

Women know them when they see them. You might not. They are Chick Un-Magnets. Instead of attracting, they repel. Here are 10 of them


How to Get Women to Like Sports

All my husband ever wanted was a threesome. A threesome between him, me and sports. So he sports-seduced me. That is, he launched a very deliberate, very strategic and very stealth campaign to lure me in to the cozy folds of sports fandom. He convinced a woman who did not care about sports to care. Let me say right off that I am not and have never been one of those naggy shrew types who h …


What TV and Movies Get Wrong About Sex

Editor's note: We asked Los Angeles-based writer Meredith Hoffa to tell us what movies and television shows get wrong about sex. She did. In hilarious detail. We will never watch Melrose Place reruns …