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How To Write Ex Girlfriend A Letter Telling Her It’s Over

Figuring out how to write an ex-girlfriend a letter telling her it's over is one of the toughest things you'll have to write. If you haven't talked about the break-up in person first, consider hand-delivering the letter rather than emailing it or dropping it off on her door step. If you've already broke up and just want to explain your decision, a brief email or quick note should b …


How To Manage A Bad Boss

Knowing how to manage a bad boss can help you protect your job security, avoid unnecessary confrontations, and maintain a healthier work environment. Whether your boss is unreasonable, unethical, or simply stubborn, to manage a bad boss you must be patient, professional, and willing to take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation. Keep the focus on your work-related tasks. To manage …


How Do I Insist My Ex-Girlfriend Leave Me Alone?

If you’re asking yourself “How do I insist my ex-girlfriend leave me alone?” you’re not the first man to do so. After a relationship ends, it’s not uncommon for ex-girlfr …

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