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10 Best Christian Football Players Ever

These are the 10 best Christian football players ever. How is it that you can play such a brutal game, yet still believe in a religion that preaches about peace and non violence? Well these ten football players not only did it, but they were the best at it. Whether they were throwing touchdowns or brutally hitting the snot out of the quarterback, these ten players will go down in history as the te …


10 Reasons To Love Karen Mulder

Here are 10 reasons to love Karen Mulder. Karen Mulder has turned into one of the most beloved females in the national spotlight. She is the perfect all-American girl with the slim body, cute face, and long, blonde hair. Below are ten reasons why you should love her. Her Eyes- Karen Mulders eyes are a heavy shade of blue that seem to be miles deep. They are the kind of eyes you can stare i …


10 Best Japanese Baseball Players Ever

These are the 10 best Japanese baseball players ever. Japan has had quite an impact on the sport of baseball. Although the leagues in Japan may be inferior talent-wise to the leagues in America, every …

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