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How To Play ’24’ Drinking Game

If you are fan of the television show "24," perhaps you would be interested in learning how to play the "24" drinking game. Originally, every time Jack Bauer--the lead character in the series--says "Damn it," a player must take a shot. After players discovered that it could be a while before that phrase will be uttered, a new version of the game was create, which invo …


How Do You Make A Soccer Pinata?

If you are having a soccer theme party then you may have wondered how do you make a soccer pinata.  Pinatas are a lot of fun and can be filled with lots of things like candy, toys, and even money. You can purchase many types of pinatas at party supply stores although it is easy to make a pinata yourself. Making a soccer pinata is simple and require common ingredients and supplies. This articl …


How To Eat A Coconut

Many people are unsure about how to eat a coconut properly. Coconut is full of healthy nutrients such as magnesium and protein. It is very versatile and can be used in frostings, marinades, and even d …

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