Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon was formerly a vice president at AVN, but now happily spends his time writing. He regularly writes for LA Weekly and Busted Coverage, as well as his own websites Total Packers and AboutColonBlank. He enjoys women, whiskey, Green Bay Packers football and Los Angeles, not necessarily in that order.


RG3 and the Heisman Curse

He’s expected to go second on Thursday night, but just because Robert Griffin III lit it up at Baylor doesn’t mean he’ll do the same in the NFL. The list of Heisman winners who bombed at the next level is not exactly short. Witness these 10 busts...


Jeremy Lin and 10 Underdog Stars

Like Tim Tebow but with clear talent, Linsanity is the best story in sports right now. But he’s hardly the first star to come out of nowhere. Here are 10 recent and current pros who defied odds to hit the highest heights. Grab a big ol’ plate of inspiration here.