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10 Best 1 Minute Male Monologues

Here is a list of the 10 Best 1 Minute Male Monologues. Film is regarded as a visual medium. Whenever a character talks too much, moviegoers are usually bored. However, there are many exceptions to the rule. One of these exceptions is when one of the characters has something very important to say. When this occurs, the dialogue is usually very powerful in its words. Add to that a stirring performa …


5 Best Japanese Coming Of Age Movies

Japanese film is very adept at exploring the human experience and as proof of that, here are the 5 best Japanese coming of age movies. The reputation of Japanese films in mainstream audiences is being overtaken by the world of anime. While there is nothing wrong with this, many people reduce anime to little more than animated science-fiction or action vehicl …


10 Best Hollywood Cowboy Movies

The stories of cowboys and their exploits have become the stuff of modern mythology. These myths have fueled some of the greatest classics in the history of film. Cowboy movies are a rarity in modern …

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5 Best Gangster Actors

Ever wonder who the 5 best gangster actors are? Gangster films have popularised the seedy underworld of crooks, antihero …


10 Best Kubrick Movies

Here is a list of the 10 best Kubrick movies. Stanley Kubrick is a monument in the world of cinema. He is arguably one o …