Nastassia Bushey


7 Things Every Sports Bar Should Have

There are at least 7 things that every sports bar should have. These features will set a good sports bar apart from a bad sports bar. Big screen televisions and beer are not the only features that will make a sports bar be the best.    Large HDTV's with a good sports package. No sports bar is complete without several large flat screen television sets. How many TV's a …


8 Crazy Restaurants You Have To See To Believe Exist

 All around the world there are at least eight crazy restaurants you have to see to believe they exist. There restaurants are nothing ordinary. A visit to any one of them would compliment any vacation.    Dinner in the Sky. Dinner in the Sky is a restaurant where guests are suspended 180 feet in the air to enjoy a full course meal and wine. This unique restaurant is goi …


6 Manly Meals You Will Barely Be Able To Finish

Any cook worth their muster can come up with at least six manly meals you will barely be able to finish. In order to make a manly meal, you would need a meal full of a lot of meat and delicious sides …

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