October Gabriel


How To Make A 1880 Pioneer Lantern

Learning how to make a faux 1880 pioneer lantern can be a great addition to any pioneer or primitive arts decorating plan. The basic design for an 1880 pioneer lantern is easy and only requires a few recyclable items. This faux pioneer lantern combined with a flameless tea light design will give you the cozy look of pioneer lighting. To make a faux 1880 pioneer lantern you will need: …


How To Build A Guitar Amplifier From Scratch

Did you know that you can learn how to build a guitar amplifier from scratch? Building a guitar amplifier from scratch can save money and by building it yourself you can customize it to fit your specifications instead of a corporations view of what is best for your amplifier. You do not need to have a large background in electronics or a large budget. Learning how to build a guitar amplifier from …


How To Build An RV Heater

Figuring out how to build an RV heater can be tricky; however, there is a very easy solution. Building an RV heater can be done with just a few simple items found around your house and, of course, the …

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