Patrick Tursic


How To Coach Youth Water Polo

Are you interested in learning how to coach youth water polo? If you are, then the following article will explain the fundamentals of water polo that will give you a good place to start. When you start out coaching youth water polo, you will want to focus, primarily, on basic fundamentals and aerobic conditioning in the preseason. Swim, swim and swim some more. You need your players to dev …


10 Hottest Bond Girls

With news that the 23rd installment of the James Bond franchise of films is back on schedule for a late 2012 release, it's time to revisit the 10 hottest Bond girls. Daniel Craig will return and play the part of the iconic super spy, 007, for the third time, but there is no word of the plot or other casting decisions. Whatever beauties are chosen to appear alongside Craig in the new film, they …


5 Best Pam Anderson Movies

What are the 5 best Pam Anderson movies? As the year winds down, Hollywood has kicked off it's yearly self-congratulatory orgy by starting to hand out nominations for the awards shows. The Golden …