Richard Maloof

Richard Maloof is the author of DETAILED: A Complete Man’s Guide to Personal Grooming, has a knack for applying simple grooming and style rules and is an expert on self image and presentation. In addition to being a published author, Richard consults on wardrobe styling for professional photo shoots and styles clients looking for a professional opinion or a change in their attire. He lives in Los Angeles and donates his spare time to his workshop series, “Our Children’s Voice”, which hosts self-confidence workshops and programs for pre-teens and their parents learning to work together for a brighter future.


First Date Grooming and Style, Dialed

We men are very visual, but don’t think the ladies aren’t checking your look out, too. And your great sense of humor and personality mean nothing if she can’t get past how you’re put together. Our expert image consultant reveals some critical dos and don’ts.


Say Goodbye to the Bad Haircut

Grooming expert and image consultant Richard Maloof has had every style known to man, and he’s been seeing many a misguided coiffure lately. So he’s taking a stand. These small dos and don’ts will make a big difference in the life of your hair.