5 Advantages Of Social Networking

Here are 5 advantages of social networking that should get you ready to update a Facebook page, post a blog, or check out the latest tweet from a friend. Social networking does have some drawbacks, sure; there is a risk of creating every parent’s worst nightmare: a pasty, washed-out zombie of a child groping his way towards yet another soda, only to return to the dimly lit cave that has beco …


10 Water Skiing Tips

Here are 10 water skiing tips that can cut your initial learning time in half. Water skiing is not only great exercise, but a fantastic way to spend time in the water. Utilizing the following tips can make what could be an arduous learning task, a fun and enjoyable experience. Learn boating rules and hand signals. These will keep you safe and allow you to communicate with others who can&rs …


10 Best San Antonio Spurs Players of All Time

The San Antonio Spurs have been a staple franchise ever since they entered the NBA in 1976, but if it weren’t for these 10 best San Antonio Spurs players of all time, the team would not be as hi …

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