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Make A Skydiving Camera Helmet

There are many reasons why you might want to make a skydiving camera helmet. This is because skydiving can be exhilarating and fun, but watching yourself skydive on camera can be even more exciting. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on the right camera helmet for the occasion, when you can actually make one from home. You will need: Mini DV camera. Form fitting helme …


10 Best Skydiving Schools In America

When it comes to the best skydiving schools in America, you have to know exactly where to go to find them. They should have experienced instructors as well as an area for you to get equipment from. You should be able to learn everything that you need to skydive on your own when the time comes.  Perris Valley Skydiving School. This is one of the most comprehensive and professional scho …


Excellence Resorts

When going on vacation, Excellence Resorts might be just what you need to top the vacation off. They are beautiful and are in the best locations worldwide. They are also inexpensive when traveling, an …

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