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How To Serve Pinot Grigio

If you enjoy light crisp wines that hail from Italy, France, Germany, and California, take a few minutes to learn how to serve Pinot Grigio. Pinot Grigio, which is created from the Pinot Gris grape varietal, is actually Italy’s most popular wine. This wine is deliciously easy to drink, and is mild enough for a laid back dinner with family; and is refreshing enough for a warm day at the beach …


Star Wars Cake Decorating Ideas

Any Star Wars fan on earth or in a galaxy far far away needs to have some great Star Wars cake decorating ideas. They are perfect for birthday parties, movie marathons or just because you like cake. Using creativity is essential for making a perfect Star Wars cake. We offer tips on how to create them yourself, or consider using a cake decorator if you really want to make the cake special. …


How To Prepare Beef Cocktail Franks

They are the ultimate guy’s party recipe, and learning how to prepare beef cocktail franks is easier than you may think.  They are small, easy to cook, and go great with a cold beer. The se …

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