10 Hottest Supermodels of the ’80s

Listing the 10 hottest supermodels of the '80s is no easy task because there were so many of them. The 80’s was a time of big hair, expensive cars, god-like pop music stars, and supermodel mayhem. The girls who walk the runway today owe a huge debt to the supermodels of the 80’s, because they heightened the craze of the glamorous profession. The following is a list of the 10 h …


10 Famous Black Businessmen

Only a handful of black men can be justifiably entered onto a list of 10 famous black businessmen.  In order to make the list, black business moguls like Kenneth Chenault and Stanley O’Neal would not be included because they are not hugely famous.  Certain famous black athletes like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan would not qualify either, because their success stems from athletic s …


5 Best Jordana Brewster Movies

Compiling a list of the 5 best Jordana Brewster movies is not a hard task for any fan of the drop-dead gorgeous, raven haired actress.  As the daughter of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and …

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