Seth Putnam

Seth Putnam, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Midwestyle, is a magazine journalist who writes about menswear, nightlife and architecture. He lives in Chicago, which ain't no sissy town.


Get Dapper! The Best Men’s Style Apps

For better or worse, there are far more smartphone-based sartorial tools aimed at ladies than at gentlemen. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few winners out there. Check out these options and you’ll be upgrading your wardrobe in a hurry.


A Century of American Style

In this month of style, we are compelled to look back in order to look forward. So here are a few themes and looks that have made an impact over the past hundred years. For better or worse, each one has shaped what we wear in America today.


Philly’s Most Proper Gentleman

There’s something special about stuff made in the USA. Which is why our Backstage Pass series spotlights guys who craft top-notch goods right here at home. First up, Craig Arthur von Schroeder, purvey …

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