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Rapelling Rope: 5 Tips

Whether you desire to Rappel for sport or as a means to descend down the side of a cliff or mountain, reading through 'Rappelling Rope: 5 Tips' is a must. Although most people know rappelling only for its use in safely allowing a climber to descend a cliff side, it serves many purposes; from climbing as a hobby, to search and rescue performed by the U.S. Coast Guard or Fire …


How To Make Albondigas

If you want to learn how to make Albondigas, this is a delicious and easy recipe. Albondigas is a traditional Mexican soup made of meatballs, vegetables, herbs and broth. Albondigas is what some would call "comfort food" and is meant to be served as a main course. To make Albondigas, you will need the following: For meatballs: One lb. ground beef Half lb. …


How To Make A Kamikaze Cocktail

For those who enjoy cocktails that aren't overly sweet or mask the flavor of the alcohol, learning how to make a Kamikaze cocktail is essential. The name Kamikaze is Japanese in origin and refers …

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