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10 Best Teen Movie Monologues

These 10 best teen movie monologues come from a variety of popular teen movies. These monologues vary from male to female to gender-neutral parts. They also vary widely in length and emotional depth. "The Breakfast Club" Andrew (Emilio Estevez) explains that he is in detention because he attacked another student. The boy attacked was perceived as being "weak" and that m …


What Is A Hickey

Some may wonder what's a hickey? People have different opinions about the morality of hickeys. Some compare a hickey to a slightly sadistic form of "branding," while others insist that a hickey is an expression of "true love." While opinions about the ethics of hickeys may be varied and up for debate, how a hickey is given is not. Essentially, a hickey is a bruise. When …


Fetish Definition

There is a wide range of fetish definitions. Fetishes are a form of a disorder called paraphilia, which is classified by recurring and intense sexually arousing fantasies that generally involve the su …

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