How To Throw A Hook Bowling

If you are looking to improve your overall bowling score, the best way is to learn how to throw a hook in bowling. Hooking the bowling ball puts it on a better path toward the pins, since when the ball hits the pocket next to the head pin at about a 30 degree angle, its trajectory maximizes its contact with the pins. If you want to throw a hook, you need to learn how to release the ball correctly …


How To Beat Payday For Ray Mission In GTA 3

"Grand Theft Auto 3" lets you play as a criminal who has to complete various missions throughout the city, so when you find yourself asked to payoff a certain informant, you need to learn how to beat the "Payday for Ray" mission in GTA 3. Asuka Kasen wants you to present a paycheck to Ray, a corrupt officer working for the LCPD, in a GTA 3 mission called "Payday for Ray.&q …


GTA 3: How To Change Weapons

When you find yourself being chased by a bunch of rival gang members in Grand Theft Auto 3, it's probably a good time to switch your baseball bat for a shotgun, so put the game on pause and learn …

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