Sonia Thompson

Sonia Thompson is the managing editor of Invitation Oxford, a homes and lifestyles magazine in Oxford, Mississippi. She has written for Lucky, Woman’s Day and and dabbles in matchmaking.


Memphis in May Goes Whole Hog

It takes a full 24 hours to cook a whole hog, and Memphis pros say the key is to cook the pig slowly over low heat, keep it moist by injecting apple juice and other liquids and retain as much of the fat as possible. See and learn more in our on-site roundup…


Memphis in May Does Pork Shoulder Right

One of the most prestigious categories at the competition, the pork shoulder division drew 55 teams this year, including the eventual grand champion. Meet some top contenders—and get some handy BBQ tips—in this exclusive photo gallery.


BBQ Heaven? Scenes from Memphis in May

The “Super Bowl of Swine” is the largest pork barbecue contest in the world, drawing more than 250 teams to compete for $110,000 in cash, prizes and bragging rights. And even cruddy weather can’t prev …